Hatha Yoga Style: Maximize Your Daily Life

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Hatha Yoga Style

You will find that Yoga knowledge, once accumulated, will influence and help you in your daily life, whoever you may be. It will gradually invade every part of your life, from your attitude towards your fellow men to the way you sleep, breathe, think, and even eat. Did I say eat? What has eating to do with the Hatha Yoga style? It has very much to do with it. It is a strange fact that Yoga’s doctrine of non-violence very soon influences even the most enthusiastic meat-eater to think again about a vegetarian diet.

As the senses become more acute through the practice of Yoga, one begins to experience distaste for all forms of killing and violence. Meat becomes unpalatable because many devotees of Yoga are actually able to see the astral bodies of the slaughtered animals as they tuck into a thick, juicy steak. Their senses gradually becoming awakened, they think on things that never occurred to them before and in the case of slaughtering helpless animals they begin to understand and revolt at the hideous practices that go on in abattoirs all over the world.

So you have been warned! You, who are reading about the Hatha Yoga style for perhaps the first time in your life, you who have eaten and enjoyed meat and fish for many years and intend to go on doing so, you will suddenly discover, if you practise Yoga, that meat is not quite so delicious as you hitherto thought and that other foods, cheese and vegetables and fruits, taste much better.

You see, the practice of Hatha Yoga is not limited to the exercise mat nor is it a kind of hobby you can keep aside from everyday life, like knitting or woodwork. Inevitably it must influence your whole life and thought and make you, not a different person or even a better one, but into your real self, denuded of all false pretence, of false values, and of unreasonable fears and inhibitions.

If I have alarmed you in any way or made you feel that Yoga is going to prove far too complicated a thing in your orderly life, let me hasten to assure you that the influence of Yoga cannot be otherwise than beneficial. While exercise workout are not a religion, nevertheless those men who devote their whole lives to it become saintly and intensely spiritual. This applies to devotees of Hatha as well as the other Yogas, which proves conclusively that though Hatha’s province is the physical body and its perfection, in the last analysis the Hatha Yoga style is a spiritual discipline.

You may consider Hatha Yoga either as a special subject in itself or as an adjunct to other forms of Yoga. Whatever your reason (and there can never be a bad reason for doing something good) Yoga can help you with your everyday problems on all levels. It is not simply a good exercise workout. As you grow healthier and more relaxed you become more gentle, less inclined to fits of irritation and temper. Yoga provides the counter-weight so urgently needed to the ever increasing nervous, mental and physical tensions of our modern life.

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Let me warn you that Yoga is another word for hard work, indeed some say it is all work and no play. That may be so, but all the same if you have read thus far your mind must be searching for something and if that something is Yoga then you will not be deterred by the mere thought of hard work. Rather you will glory in it for there is a sense of great achievement in self-discipline. Yes, the Hatha Yoga style is discipline all the way. If you choose this path all you need to follow it is determination. If you have it you cannot fail. If you lack it you cannot begin.

“There is an innermost centre in us all Where Truth abides in fullness; and to know Rather consists in opening out a way Whence the imprisoned splendour may escape…” – Browning

 Hatha Yoga Style: Maximize Your Daily Life

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