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Our traditions have our respect; and most of the time, there’s a good reason for it. But our traditional American diet seems to have had a led us down the wrong path to a place where we are now where one out of three American children is obese and looks forward to diabetes sooner rather than later. It’s intuitive to think we just need to cut down on what we choose to put in our mouths, and we should be out of the woods. We didn’t work for five centuries as a nation to one day be able to stave ourselves of what we actually need though. The answer then is not to cut down, but to change to foods that will when the time is right, induce our bodies to want less. Each weight-loss food that we speak of below feels less like a sacrifice than a real treat; it’s not about filling up on just salads and whole grain bread; it is not about going vegetarian; it’s just about redirecting yourself to foods you enjoy, that will help you balance out your diet and make losing weight effortless. It’s all about eating right, and not about dieting.

Let’s start off with some great lean meats like beef. Is beef a lean meat, you ask? Well, grass-fed beef really is; along with pork and chicken, grass-fed beef can really help you lose weight. Factory farms that raise beef, do so on corn and other unnatural fodder. Cows were never meant to eat corn; their stomachs aren’t made that way. Corn-fed beef has about 16 g of fat to a serving as compared to 3 g with grass-fed beef. You have to look at some of the research findings they have on grass-fed beef; it’s like it’s the meat of the completely different animal, so nutritious and so wholesome is it. And it’s a bona fide weight-loss food too; it has a nutrient called CLA that is easily proven to slim you down around the paunch; and it has lots of wholesome omega-3, and far less harmful omega-6 than corn fed beef does. And it’s the same story with free-range chickens too; when they are given the food that they are accustomed to, and not corn, they have less fat, and more nutrient content. Not only does omega-3 get you mentally sharper, it helps you lose weight by speeding up your bodies metabolism so that you burn more fat. And this finding isn’t some liberal conspiracy either.

Do you remember the time it was all over the news that GE dumped large quantities of the harmful chemical PCB into the Hudson? Buying quality seafood these days is a real challenge. Farmed fish like salmon and even swordfish can contain all these waterborne pollutants, dioxins and PCBs when they are fed and raised on laughably unnatural foods. Farmed fish are fed soy! Why would they ever have evolved to digest soy, something that’s never, ever found in the ocean? It would go against intuition, but small oily fish, every one of them, is a great weight loss food – sardines, mackerel or herring. They have almost none of these industrial chemicals in them, and they have massive quantities of omega-3. You don’t have to limit yourself to these either. How about Alaskan salmon, yellow fin tuna, and Pacific halibut? Among farmed fish, salmon, Chilean sea bass and shrimp are really great too – each one of them, a powerful weight-loss food for the quantities of omega-3 they come with.

Okay, so you are really with the program, and you have switched to really healthy fish, poultry and meats. How about a little reward for all of this? Well, certainly … would desserts like dark chocolate and ice cream seem reward enough? Milk-rich desserts are really great weight-loss foods; it’s the calcium in them; the molecules of calcium that low-fat milk and cream contain lock themselves to all the faty acids in your digestive tract, and save you from about 100 calories a day. And ice cream has Choline, a nutrient that protects you from all kinds of serious illnesses of the heart. Dark chocolate is a special kind of treat; it satisfies you so well, that your body feels like taking in a fifth fewer calories over your next meal, and you are so sated, that other sweets have less appeal to you. You can’t go overboard with these things of course, but you did want a treat.

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